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Brewers 8, Padres 3: Tonight's Turning Points

1) Alex Gonzalez's two-RBI double in the fourth inning: +.273 WPA (Video)

Ryan Braun is getting all the attention tonight (and perhaps deservedly so), but he wasn't actually responsible for the game's biggest moment. This double to left gave the Brewers a two run lead and put them ahead for good.

2) Ryan Braun's two-run home run in the fifth inning: +.195 WPA (Video)

This was Braun's second long ball of the night, and his only non-solo shot. It drove in Rickie Weeks and gave the Brewers some much needed insurance runs, pushing their 3-2 lead to 5-2.

3) Ryan Braun's fourth inning solo home run: +.156 WPA (Video)

The Brewers let their opponents score first again tonight, but tied the game in the fourth when Ryan Braun hit the longest of his three homers, a 427 foot blast into the sandbox in right center.

4) Yonder Alonso's second inning RBI single: -.123 WPA (Video)

As I mentioned above, the Brewers let their opponent score first again tonight. This time it was Yonder Alonso singling home the game's first run.

5) Jason Bartlett's sixth inning double play: +.116 WPA

This might have been the game's most underrated moment: Kameron Loe entered the game with runners on first and third, no out and a three run lead in the sixth. He allowed a run to score but got two outs on this play, effectively ending the Padres' threat.

The next five:

6) Chris Denorfia's third inning double: -.099 WPA
7) Yonder Alonso's sixth inning single: -.092 WPA
8) Ryan Braun's seventh inning solo home run: +.076 WPA (
9) Chase Headley's third inning ground out: -.071 WPA
10) Jason Bartlett's fourth inning RBI double, Yonder Alonso out at home: -.065 WPA (