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Brewers 8, Padres 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

Did he think Ryan Braun had a chance for four homers when his ninth inning triple left his bat?

No, he hit it too low. In this ballpark when you hit a ball you right center you'd better absolutely kill it, and that's what he did on the first one he hit out there. But no, that ball never had a chance. It was smoked, but...

More on Braun:

No, I think we've all been waiting for Brauny to do this kind of thing. I know he has.

Was 15 total bases for Braun what Roenicke had in mind today?

Not quite. But he said he felt real good in BP today, we were talking down by the cage and he said physically he feels really good. And mentally he feels good too. So I think we knew he was going to bust out sometime and hopefully this gets him going to where he can get consistent like he does for a long period of time.

On Kameron Loe:

He had a big out for us yesterday, and coming back with another strong performance. Rick (Kranitz) said he went in and looked at the pitches and said unbelievable sink on his ball. And that's when Kam's good. You get a lot of swing throughs and that's what we saw.

On Randy Wolf:

Yeah it's a battle, but I really like the way he threw the ball. What happened is he'll throw two batters great, and then all of a sudden he loses it. And he may go 3-0 on the next guy. But he really threw the ball well, I don't know what happened that handful of batters where his command left him. And I know Randy, usually when he's good he usually stays good. It was a little odd to see him kind of go in and out on having great command and then totally losing it. I still thought he threw the ball real well.

More on Braun's three home runs:

Yeah, the one probably for me was the first one he hit. That's unbelievable. He hit a ball that far. The second one, when you hit it down the line and hit it as hard as he does, I wasn't surprised where that ball ended up. And then he's so strong on the third one the ball didn't have a chance to dive much, stayed on the same ball flight and was able to just get out.

On Carlos Gomez almost costing Braun a shot at four homers by getting picked off in the ninth:

Yeah, it was a good thing. I felt bad when we had Gomey thrown out. But it's a close enough in a ballgame where you can't do things just to try to get him up there. I was really glad he got up there, but we're still trying to tack on some runs. I know it's nice to have Ax get in there, but the more chances we get to save those guys's important.