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Ryan Braun And The Under-15 Club

Here's Braun on third following his ninth inning triple last night.
Here's Braun on third following his ninth inning triple last night.

As you've almost certainly heard by now, Ryan Braun set a new franchise record with 15 total bases last night. I wanted to take a minute today to put that into perspective, so here's a list of some notable Brewers with 15 or less total bases in their careers:

Kelly Stinnett: 68 plate appearances, 15 total bases

Stinnett was a veteran journeyman backup catcher who spent the third and fourth seasons of his major league career with the 1996-97 Brewers. He had four extra base hits (all doubles) during his time with the Crew, but still hit just .177/.250/.242 over 44 games. It worked out all right for him in the end, though: He played 566 more major league games as a member of seven teams after leaving Milwaukee.

Carlos Ponce: 66 plate appearances, 15 total bases

Ponce appeared in 21 games for the 1985 Brewers and hit .161/.169/.242. The most notable thing about him is probably this: He made five starts at first base for a team that also had Cecil Cooper, Ted Simmons and Paul Molitor on the roster.

Antone Williamson (60 PA, 14 TB) and Dave Krynzel (54 PA, 10 TB)

Braun is already one of the greatest first round picks in Brewer history, and his performance last night by itself would have been better than the careers of the Crew's first round picks in 1994 and 2000.

Wil Nieves: 54 plate appearances, 9 total bases

In one night Braun nearly doubled the entire Brewer career output of the backup catcher on last year's Opening Day roster.

Taylor Green: 37 plate appearances, 13 total bases

Green probably should have gotten more of an opportunity with the 2011 Brewers, and hit .270/.270/.351 once he finally got on the field in September. In one night, though, Braun eclipsed the offensive output of Green's entire month in the big leagues.