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Prognostikeggers 2012 - Week 3 Results

Good afternoon everyone. First of all, I would like to thank Kyle for posting the prediction forms for the Padres series yesterday. It helped to have those posted while I was traveling yesterday. Now, I know everyone is wondering how last week ended. Here's the week 3 recap.

The fast start for gavitron9 ended up being enough in week three. Despite low scoring in the Cardinals series, the six point lead entering the weekend was more than enough. He still had a three point lead over ASerd87 and slandog, who tied for second place in the week.

In the overall standings, icecreamman retained his lead. MichaelE1 remained a few points behind, followed by dvtpz. We're nearing the halfway point in the first part of the season with five weeks to go. Will one of these players win the first third of the season, or will someone else rise up and take the title?

Check below the jump for all of the details on the Week 3 scoring.

Weekly Winners

Week 1 dvtpz, steaksandwiches
Week 2 MichaelE1, vandecm
Week 3 gavitron9

Final Standings for Week 3

Overall Standings

Scoring Summary

April 27 Scoring

Attendance 43063 9 Correct
Runs 1 Runs 0 Correct
Hits 7 Hits 7 Correct
Errors 0 Errors 22 Correct
MVP Aramis Ramirez 2 Correct
Extra – Winning Margin 12 0 Correct

Bonus Predictions

No Correct Bonuses

April 28 Scoring

Attendance 42586 4 Correct
Runs 3 Runs 3 Correct
Hits 7 Hits 5 Correct
Errors 1 Errors 19 Correct
MVP George Kottaras 0 Correct
Extra – Winning Margin 4 4 Correct @ 2 Points, 11 Correct @ 1 Point

Bonus Predictions

the notorious r.d.m. 2 Points Alex Gonzalez HR

April 29 Scoring

Attendance 45824 6 Correct
Runs 3 Runs 5 Correct
Hits 9 Hits 6 Correct
Errors 0 Errors 17 Correct
MVP Jonathan Lucroy 0 Correct
Extra – Winning Margin 1 2 Correct @ 2 Points, 12 Correct @ 1 Point

Bonus Predictions

slandog 2 Points Brewers turn 2 double plays

Explanation on Denied Bonuses

Back to back pitiful performances by the pitching staff - This is too vague of a prediction. What is a "pitiful performance"? Is it a non-quality start? Is it a disaster start? Is it a start where the pitcher gives up a certain number of runs and/or hits? Because of that, I can't judge the prediction and can't award any points.

There will be a rain delay - It wasn't a correct prediction on Sunday, but I wanted to mention that under normal conditions, this wouldn't be good. If you can show a weather prediction before the game with a rain chance on it, I'll count it if the chance is 30% or under. Also, the rain delay must occur after the start of the game.