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Stat of the Night: 14 Walks and 3 Hit-By-Pitches

In today's game against the Cubs, the Brewers did something that, honestly, their lineup isn't really optimized to do. They drew a whole lot of walks.

Specifically, they received 14 free passes, along with three hit-by-pitches. This is only the third game in Brewers history that they have drawn at least 14 walks. During both of the other two games, they walked fifteen times. I don't know when those two games were because I'm not a Baseball-Reference subscriber. I should be. I use it enough. Perhaps I'll do that tomorrow.

No players were hit by a pitch during the other two 14+ walk games.

Here is a table of all the walks and hit-by-pitches the Brewers had today:

Player Walks HBP
Nyjer Morgan 1 0
Rickie Weeks 1 2
Ryan Braun 4 1
Aramis Ramirez 2 0
George Kottaras 3 0
Jonathan Lucroy 1 0
Cesar Izturis 2 0

What a nice table! I hope to see more of the same!