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Stat Of The Day: Shaun Marcum Goes Inside


Today in the first inning Ryan Braun was hit by a Chris Volstad pitch, the fourth time a Brewer had been hit in the first 14 innings of this series. In a probably-not-unrelated note, Shaun Marcum hit Alfonso Soriano with an 89 mph fastball on the first pitch of the top of the second.

Both benches were warned, although Marcum will probably say the pitch just "got away from him." I suppose it's possible, but it's also worth noting that Soriano was the first batter Marcum has hit in his two seasons as a Brewer.

Entering today's game, Marcum had pitched 237.2 innings as a Brewer without hitting a batter. He was the Brewer career leader in innings without a hit batsman, but now that title once again belongs to Clyde Wright:

Pitcher Season(s) IP
Clyde Wright 1974 232
Rick Waits 1983-85 150
Gary Ryerson 1972-73 125
Bronswell Patrick 1998 78.2
John Henry Johnson 1986-87 70.1

In terms of overall plunkless streaks, however, Marcum was not even close to the Brewer record. Moose Haas once pitched 601.1 innings between hit batsmen from 1977-80.