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Brewers 8, Mets 0: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

We didn't get to hear this question:

Hopefully that doesn't stop today, hopefully we continue it. But yeah, it was a big day offensively. Ishikawa certainly a huge day. But most of the guys swung the bat well. It was nice to see Rickie (Weeks), even before the homer nice to see some good swings from him, and he's healthy. And I thought the other guys battled well.

On Zack Greinke:

Really good. Great location on the fastball, good life on the fastball, down and away especially, he came in nice on some pitches, very good curveball today and he usually always has the good slider.

On Greinke not walking anyone:

Yeah, a lot different than last night. They're a team that's very patient, they take, and Zack was throwing strikes. So even though they were very patient again today, when you throw strikes and you hit your spots you still can get through that lineup.

Are Travis Ishikawa and Taylor Green in a competition for playing time at first base?

No, I think there's a time where if somebody does step up and do like you're saying that they'll get more playing time. I think that's the only fair way to do it. If somebody's playing great, they're going to be playing.

On Ishikawa's power:

No, he drives the ball. Greeny drives the ball, so they're both certainly capable of hitting some...not just home runs but driving the ball in the gap and I think those at bats are important.

On D.J. Carrasco hitting Ryan Braun with a pitch:

Didn't like it. I don't understand it.

I couldn't decipher the question here:

Oh absolutely.

On Wright coming out immediately after the HBP:

It was interesting, what that shows is interesting.

If Ishikawa can hit, would it give the team a good all-around performer at first base?

Then you've got a nice all-around player. And I'm not saying Greeny can't go out there and do the job defensively, but Travis we know is a plus defender.

On getting Corey Hart some time at first base tonight:

Yeah, it was good to see. He liked it where we could get a couple innings in there where it's not a tight ball game. It was good to get him in there today.

I think this question was on Yovani Gallardo:

Yeah, he did. He still definitely kept us in the ballgame to where I would feel normally we should win the game.

On scoring early:

Yeah, I think it's always important. Early on you disrupt that rhythm that the pitcher has and the confidence he has. And usually it changes the outcome of that ball game. There are some guys that will come out and give up a couple in the first inning and then throw up all zeroes, but most of the time you get to a guy early and then it messes him up.