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Astros 8, Brewers 3: Tonight's Turning Points

1) Jed Lowrie's second inning RBI double: -.122 WPA (Video)

If nothing else, this was an interesting play defensively. Ryan Braun was fooled by the flight of this ball and wasn't in position to field it when it caromed off the short porch in left field. As such, Cesar Izturis had to come out and get it, creating a rare "double to shortstop." Carlos Lee scored from first with the game's first run.

2) Carlos Lee's third inning two-run single: -.078 WPA (Video)

Lee drove in the first two of three third inning runs with this hit that narrowly avoided being a double play ball, blowing the game open.

3) Justin Maxwell's second inning RBI single: -.063 WPA (Video)

This hit scored a run too.

4) Chris Johnson's second inning double play: +.052 WPA

After two runs scored in the second the Brewers got this play to help them get out of the inning.

5) Aramis Ramirez's third inning groundout: -.046 WPA

The Brewers had two on with two out trailing 2-0 in the third, but failed to score.

And the next five:

6) Jed Lowrie reaches on Corey Hart's fielding error in the third inning: -.045 WPA (Video)
7) Corey Hart's fourth inning solo home run: +.044 WPA (
8) Randy Wolf's third inning single: +.041 WPA
9) J.D. Martinez's third inning walk: -.039 WPA
10) Nyjer Morgan's third inning fly out: -.038 WPA

And the win expectancy graph:

Source: FanGraphs