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Astros 8, Brewers 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

Didn't get to hear the first question:

I don't know if I'd say mystifying, but I'm concerned about it. It's frustrating, that's what it is. It's frustrating. The guys are working hard every day, we have a good game, we think we're going to get going, and we don't. I know Norris threw a nice game, was hitting his spots with his fastball and he's got such a good slider, but we can't repeat and get things going in too many consecutive days.

Was Bud Norris' stuff that good?

It was good. It was good stuff. And I always think he has good stuff. It wasn't the stuff that he had last year when...

The feed jumped ahead here, and cut out the next question.

Command. First inning really good. Just everything came out live, hitting his spots. Then we go into the second inning and he's losing it a little bit, then continued to battle with his command. Same inning but we're still in the ball game, the ground ball that Carlos Lee hit up the middle, it's a ground ball. If that's hit at somebody it's a double play. Corey doesn't catch a ball in the outfield. So if you make those plays it's a different ball game.

Is that the way things are going?

It happens. I say it all the time: when you're not playing well these things happen. But I think it changes what happens in the game for a pitcher. He thought he made a good pitch on Carlos Lee, which he did, and Carlos tops the ball and it's placed perfectly up the middle. And you can see it's disappointing on a pitcher because he thinks he's got a ground ball double play and it ends up being a base hit and two runs score. Now, they did hit some balls hard off him but we've got to make better pitches and get ahead of people. And Randy started getting behind some guys and all of a sudden they find some holes and...I've said before these guys are a scrappy team. I know they didn't have a good series in Philly but offensively these guys can really swing the bat. They're always on base, they're always a problem trying to get them out.

On the fly ball to left in the second that bounced past Ryan Braun:

Yeah, we're only talking about eight inches where he thought it was going to hit off the side there and it ends up caroming off. Even if he plays it off there's no way you'd figure the ball's going to go that way. So even if he stopped early, he's still not going to make that play.

Izzy did a nice job getting out there to get it and keeping the guy at second base.

On Corey Hart's dropped fly ball:

I don't know what happened. Sometimes you're in a ball game and you really don't want to ask that question in the game. I'm sure he'll say something to me tonight or tomorrow.

Oh yeah, if he sees the ball he makes the catch. The way it looked, I don't know if he lost the ball in the lights or not. I don't know.