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Padres 2, Brewers 0: Ron Roenicke's Post Game Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin

Kotsay is a guy you guys went into the off season wanting to resign, right?

Well I certainly would have loved to have back, but I understand when you play a long time and you get a chance to be at home. We talked about it at the end of the year and you know, it's good for he and his family. He's a good player. He's one of those rare guys who can hit when the game's on the line and hit against those top relievers and he gives you a good at-bat.

You said just the other day that (Kotsay's) last season was the best pinch-hit season you've ever seen.

For a guy who went up and gives you a quality at-bat late against good relievers, he's as good as I've seen

What can you say about Frankie. he's kind of having an up and down year so far. Some really good outings and some not so good outings.

It's command. I think his stuff is fine. I think he makes some great pitches and then when he makes a mistake, they're hitting the ball right now. But he's the guy that we need out there. Every time we bring him in, I feel like he's going to do a good job. I've seen him for so long, he's certainly still a great reliever and he's going to be fine.

Was that a change up?

Fast ball

Does his fast ball seem a little bit off right now?

No, his fastball velocity is right where it usually is. He's got a good fastball going right now.

It's just he's not putting them in the right place

Yeah, location. And they're not missing the mistake.

Question about Marcum's outing

Shaun was very good. Good rhythm. Really mixes speeds well. This should be a ballgame to really get him locked in. Rick was really happy with the way he threw - kept the ball down nice in the zone. But I think that the change of speeds was key to what he did tonight.

He made some big pitches when they had guys in scoring position

He did. And that's usually what Shaun does. He usually has such good command that he can make those big pitches.

Question about Volquez

He was good. Good fastball. Real good off speed pitches. And he does real good with mixing up the speed of his pitches with the change up and the curve ball. And he's got life on his fastball. And when he's on and his command - you go in facing him and you hope he's a little bit wild and he makes mistakes and he walks people and that's usually when he gets himself in trouble.

How's it looking with Mat Gamel?

They're going to check him out with a doctor tonight and see what it is, but he - when he got in the on-deck circle, he took the first swing and didn't feel right in his knee so...


I think yeah, I think so. I felt pretty good when he stayed in the game, he seemed to be strong. But any time a guy walks off after trying to swing, you're going to be concerned about it. You know, with the knee - there's so many things in the knee that you can tweak and whether it's a slight tear or whatever the case may be, there's a lot going on in there.

We thought he hurt it smashing into the wall, but the replay showed he hyper-extended it right before he got there. Is that what you were hearing?

Rickie said he say it looked like he turned before he hit the wall and impacted it pretty hard. But he said it looked like there was a turn on it first.

Question about when looking at Gamel's knee

They're going to look at him tonight, I don't know exactly what they're going to do, but they're looking at it.