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Stat of the Day: Scoring Double Digits

Today, for the first time in 2012, the Milwaukee Brewers scored double digit runs as they put 16 on the board against the Twins. Before today, they had scored nine runs twice: On April 21 against the Rockies and on April 24 against the Astros. They also had six games this season where the team scored eight runs.

It took the Brewers 40 games to have a ten run game. JP did some research and found the last time the Brewers took at least 40 games to reach ten runs was in 1998, when it took 52 games.

Their current pace puts them on track for roughly four double-digit scoring games in 2012. Here is the number of games the Brewers have scored at least ten runs in over the past decade:

Year 10+ Run Games
2011 8
2010 12
2009 11
2008 10
2007 16
2006 10
2005 13
2004 7
2003 11
2002 10