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Brewers 16, Twins 4: Turning Points

A well-deserved curtain call.
A well-deserved curtain call.

1) Ryan Braun's RBI double in the second (.120 WPA)

With the bases loaded following a Nyjer Morgan walk, Braun doubled in two runs and kept runners at the corners. This gave the Brewers a 5-1 lead.

2) Jonathan Lucroy homers in the first (.107 WPA)

The second home run of the first inning for the Brewers gave the team the lead. Despite the Twins scoring first, the Brewers walked out of the first inning with a 2-1 advantage.

3) Corey Hart homers in the first (.105 WPA)

This preceded Lucroy's home run in the first inning. As the lead off hitter for Milwaukee, Hart certainly set a good lead to follow.

4) Corey Hart's RBI single in the second (.089 WPA)

Hart also helped provide the first run of the second inning as he singled in Travis Ishikawa with two outs and runners at the corners.

5) Josh Willingham's RBI single in the first (-.089 WPA)

The first run of the game was scored by Ben Revere as the Twins took first blood against Zack Greinke. That would be the only mark against Greinke's record today, though.

And the next five, just for kicks and giggles:

6) Jonathan Lucroy's RBI single in the second (.060 WPA)

7) Ben Revere doubles in the first (-.040 WPA)

8) Travis Ishikawa singles in the second (.031 WPA)

9) Joe Mauer grounds out in the first (.030 WPA)

10) Cesar Izturis flies out in the second (-.029 WPA)

After the first out in the top of the fifth inning, no play was worth anything more than .001 WPA in either direction, including Jonathan Lucroy's grand slam.