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Giants 4, Brewers 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin.

The press conference is joined in progress, so there's no context on the first question. My guess is it is about Juan Perez:

Put him in a couple of tough situations that I wish I wouldn't have had to but he's made some good pitches and he's struggled with some.

On if it was tough to watch the lack of offense after Braun's home run in the eighth inning:

Yes it was. We played that many innings, we end up with six hits. Yeah, it's discouraging. It's frustrating for the guys and they don't like it any better than I do. We've got to start swinging the bat. We bust out yesterday and then come back and I thought we did a great job coming back and tying it up. I thought our pitching was very good, but we've got to start swinging the bat better.

On the severity of Ryan Braun's injury:

Slight. Just slight groin strain.

On Manny Parra's effort.

He's been in there quite a bit. Everybody has. We've got Kameron off today. Dillard's thrown a lot. Perez, now that's three days in a row for him. Manny's been throwing a lot. It's tough. It's tough when we need these guys all the time. I talked about Perez. It's tough to have to throw him in three days in a row, but we need to. I'd much rather give some of these guys a little better rest.

If Dillard was available for the fourteenth inning:

Yes, yes he was.

Will Braun will miss a game because of the injury:

I'm not sure. He said he feels pretty good, but he tweaked it a little in spring training and it's kind of the same thing. We'll look at him tomorrow, but he could be ok.