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Stat Of The Night: Single Inning Start Success


Having a 6-0 cushion heading into the second inning certainly helps, but the Brewers were able to weather a single-inning start from Marco Estrada and pick up the win today. This is the 121st time in franchise history the Brewers have had a starting pitcher go one full inning or less, and the first time in 2012. It also only happened one time last year (Shaun Marcum against the Red Sox on June 17).

One might assume that needing to fire up the bullpen before the second inning means a near-certain loss most days, but you might actually be surprised. In the 121 games mentioned above the Brewers are 33-88, winning better than 25% of the time.

Most of those wins, however, didn't come recently. Before Estrada, here were the last five starting pitchers to record three or fewer outs in a game the Brewers went on to win:

Pitcher Date Opponent IP Final score
Ben Sheets September 18, 2007 Astros 1 9-1
Doug Davis August 31, 2004 Pirates 1 4-2
Ben Sheets August 19, 2003 Phillies 1 6-4
Jimmy Haynes August 23, 2001 Cubs 1 8-1
Cal Eldred August 26, 1998 Expos 1 6-5