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Photoshop Contest: Help Us Find A New Place For John Axford's Facial Hair

As you've likely heard by now, John Axford's trademark facial hair is no more. The initial evidence was presented here:

And further proof was added here.

Now that the shock of this sudden loss has worn off, let's get (significantly less) serious. Axford's facial hair will grow back if he chooses to allow it, but the follicles he shaved off last night will remain forever homeless...unless you help them.

The task before you is simple: Use Photoshop or whatever image-editing software you prefer to help us find Axford's former facial hair a new home. Whoever gets the most recs on their entry before tomorrow morning's Mug will have their contribution included as part of the post. Keep it clean (PG-13 at least), but aside from that do what you will with it.