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Around the NL Central

Thursday's Results:

Cardinals 9 Phillies 10

Reds 6 Braves 3


Team W L GB Last 10 Streak
Reds 25 19 - 7-3 W6
Cardinals 25 20 0.5 4-6 L1
Astros 21 23 4.0 6-4 W3
Pirates 20 24 5.0 4-6 L2
Brewers 18 26 7.0 3-7 W1
Cubs 15 29 10.0 1-9 L9

News and Notes:

  • The Reds have been on a tear, winning six in a row and sweeping the braves right out of Cincinnati in their last series.
  • Reds reliever Nick Masset came through his first pitching session of the year unscathed. Masset has been on the disabled list since March and hasn't pitched in a game all season.
  • Who would have thought the Astros would be making headlines this deep into the season. Especially headlines concerning how (relatively) good they've been playing.
  • The Astros are also finalizing plans for new uniforms to coincide with their move to the AL West. Craig Biggio has also been retained by the club as a special assistant.
  • Lance Berkman's surgery, originally scheduled for yesterday, has been pushed back and will take place this morning instead.

On Tap:

Home Away Time (CDT) Home Probable Away Probable
D-backs Brewers 8:40 Ian Kennedy (3-4) Yovani Gallardo (2-4)
Dodgers Astros 9:10 Clayton Kershaw (4-1) Lucas Harrell (3-3)
Cardinals Phillies 7:15 Kyle Lohse (5-1) Cliff Lee (0-2)
Pirates Cubs 6:05 A.J. Burnett (2-2) Ryan Dempster (0-2)
Reds Rockies 6:10 Johnny Cueto (5-1) Christian Friedrich (1-1)