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Brewers 5, DBacks 8: Turning Points

1) Josh McDonald homers in the third inning (-.232 WPA).

The straw that broke the Greinke's back as these were the final runs the Diamondbacks would score off the Brewers starter. This was a three run shot that gave Arizona a 7-5 lead.

2) Cody Ransom doubles in the third inning (.130 WPA).

Ransom drove in two runs and gave Milwaukee a 3-1 lead with this double. It came against his former team, though the rest of his night at the plate was pretty poor.

3) Jason Kubel's RBI single in the first inning (-.114 WPA).

After the Brewers took an early lead, Justin Upton singled in a run to tie the game. Kubel immediately proceeded that with an RBI single of his own that gave Arizona a 2-1 lead.

4) Ryan Roberts' bases loaded walk in the third inning (-.105 WPA).

Zack Greinke doesn't walk many hitters. The fact that he walked Roberts with the bases concerns me slightly. However, this just didn't seem to be Greinke's day. This walk further proves that.

5) Norichiki Aoki triples to lead off the third inning (.103 WPA).

Basic game theory says that the lead off man in an inning reaching base gives a team a very good chance to score that inning. The lead off man tripling makes those odds even better. And, wouldn't you know it, Aoki did score, serving as the catalyst to a big third inning.