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Diamondbacks 4, Brewers 3: Today's Turning Points

1) Ryan Roberts' sixth inning RBI single: -.191 WPA (Video)

The Brewers were still holding a one run lead with two outs in the sixth when Taylor Green's error at third base extended the inning, and Ryan Roberts' RBI single to center tied the game.

2) Henry Blanco's sixth inning RBI single: -.164 WPA (Video)

Roberts' hit was bad enough, but this was worse: Jose Veras couldn't retire the 40-year-old, career .227-hitting backup catcher and he drove in the winning run.

3) Taylor Green's sixth inning RBI single: +.145 WPA (Video)

After Mike Zagurski walked consecutive batters in the sixth, Taylor Green made him pay for the free passes with this RBI single to give the Brewers a 3-1 lead.

4) Paul Goldschmidt's fourth inning solo home run: -.135 WPA (Video)

The FS Wisconsin broadcast said this ball traveled 471 feet to center. It was the game's first run.

5) Corey Hart's fifth inning RBI single: +.125 WPA (Video)

This was the second of two RBI hits in the inning, and gave the Brewers their first lead at 2-1.

The next five:

6) George Kottaras' fourth inning double play: -.123 WPA
7) Jason Kubel's sixth inning RBI single: -.113 WPA (
8) Nyjer Morgan's sixth inning double play: -.107 WPA (
9) Cody Ransom's fifth inning RBI single: +.100 WPA (
10) Edwin Maysonet's ninth inning pop out: -.094 WPA