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Stat Of The Day: Stuck On Eight

Here's John Axford recording Brewer save #8 on Wednesday.
Here's John Axford recording Brewer save #8 on Wednesday.

John Axford pitched the bottom of the eighth inning in today's game, his 18th appearance of the season. Just eight of those appearances have come in save situations, however.

All told, the Brewers have converted just eight saves (seven for Axford and one for Francisco Rodriguez) through 47 games this season. Entering today, only four other teams could match or exceed that claim:

Team Saves
Cubs 6
Blue Jays 7
Angels 8
Brewers 8
Cardinals 8

The Angels got a save today, by the way, so now they have nine.

The Brewers are on pace to record just 28 saves this season. That would be tie them for the seventh lowest full single-season* total in franchise history and the lowest mark in 33 years:

Season Saves Brewer Leader
1979 23 Bill Castro (6)
1974 24 Tom Murphy (20)
1978 24 Bob McClure (9)
1977 25 Bill Castro (13)
1970 26 Ken Sanders (13)
1976 27 Danny Frisella (9)
2001 28 Curt Leskanic (17)
1973 28 Frank Linzy (13)

* - For the purpose of this conversation I'm excluding the 1994 strike-shortened season.