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Brewers 3, Dodgers 2: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen of FS Wisconsin.

Joined in progress, Ron Roenicke's first comment:

I enjoyed the win.

On the news about Jonathan Lucroy:

It's not going too well in that area. Obviously, it hurts our team a lot, but I feel really bad for him too. He's had some kind of incredible year so far. He feels really bad, and I feel bad for him.

On the immediate plans for pitcher and catcher:

We're going to DL Luc, and tomorrow [Martin] Maldonado will come up. Also, [Michael] Fiers will be our starter tomorrow. Tomorrow, we'll make a decision on who's going to get off the roster.


We're going to do Maldonado right away. George [Kottaras] isn't 100%, so we'll let Maldonado catch and then when George feels 100% we'll mix and match there.

On George Kottaras having to play through an injury:

He did a great job of gutting it out.

On Shaun Marcum:

He threw a great ballgame. Really, down in the zone, like when he was really good last year for all that time, this was what he did. Offspeed, down in the zone. He gets the hitters thinking offspeed and throws a fastball by them, and location was great. After the first inning, outstanding.

About the seventh inning and if Marcum should go back out:

I think that the decider was that Rick felt he really didn't scuffle in any of those innings except for the first one and was smooth, wasn't really having to get after it, but just pitching the kind of game where he was really good and in that kind of rhythm.

On Aramis Ramirez:

Great play at third for us. Big hits. I don't want to have to give him a couple of days off to have him do this, but he had a nice game.

On Francisco Rodriguez and John Axford still locking down the 8th & 9th innings despite making it exciting:

They do. They made some really big pitches to get out of it again.

On Cody Ransom's defense:

Big play, the chopper to him, that wasn't an easy play. Nice job.

On the radar gun, John Axford's pitch speed, and if it was a hot gun:

I don't know. The gun in Arizona we all thought was hot. I don't know if this gun is hot or not.

On John Axford and if he has seen him hit 100 MPH:

No. His velocity has been better these last few outings, some 98s from him, so his velocity is better.