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Brewers 3, Dodgers 2: Tonight's Turning Points

It was Aramis Ramirez who had the big turning points today.

1) Aramis Ramirez's Solo Home Run in the Fourth Inning: +.140 WPA (Video)

In his second at-bat, Aramis Ramirez led off the top of the fourth inning with a solo home run to tie the game at 1-1.

2) Aramis Ramirez's RBI Single in the Sixth Inning: +.136 WPA (Video)

After Aaron Harang was charged with a throwing error to start the sixth inning on a disputed play at first base, Ryan Braun walked to set up runners at first and second base. Aramis Ramirez sent a pitch into the outfield to give the Brewers a 2-1 lead.

3) John Axford Strikes Out Elian Herrera to End the Game: +.136 WPA (Video)

With a runner at second base in a 3-2 game, John Axford struck out Elian Herrera to end the game, get the save, and preserve a win for the Brewers.

4) Jerry Hairston's RBI Single in the Eight Inning: -.114 WPA (Video)

Francisco Rodriguez came in for the eighth inning and allowed a single to Bobby Abreu to start the inning. He advanced to second on a stolen base, and then scored on this hit from Jerry Hairston.

5) Andre Eithier's RBI Double in the First Inning: -.108 WPA (Video)

Tony Gwynn led off the game with a single, advanced to second on a stolen base, and got to third on a sacrifice bunt. Andre Eithier followed this up with an RBI double to give the Dodgers an early 1-0 lead.

The next five:

6) Tony Gwynn Hits Into a Fielder's Choice in the Ninth Inning: +.101 WPA
7) Ivan De Jesus Walks in the Ninth Inning: -.092 WPA
8) Ryan Braun Walks in the Sixth Inning: +081 WPA
9) Dee Gordon Grounds Out in the Ninth Inning: +.079 WPA
10) Bobby Abreu's Single To Lead Off the Eighth Inning: +.076 WPA