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Brewers 6, Dodgers 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On Clayton Kershaw:

I thought when he pitched against us at our place I thought we did a nice job against him as far as making him work and seeing a lot of pitches, which we did again. So our at bats I thought were really good today.

On getting production from the bottom of the order:

I think Carlos especially, this is how he was swinging before he got hurt. And we hadn't been seeing that so far, so it's good to get him back where he looks really good again. With that, the other guys doing what they need to do. Well-played ball game.

I couldn't catch this question:

You had to bring that up, didn't you? We're playing good. Pitching, really good again. Yovani, real nice outing. We were wondering about whether to put him out there for that last inning, may have been a little tired then but before that he had good command on his fastball, the slider was real good. He got a big hit for us so I know he's happy about that. But yeah, great pitching all three games.

What was his conversation with John Axford like before today's game?

Not too long. First thing he said when I saw him was "I'm good today." So I talked to Rick (Kranitz) and Rick had talked to him and he'd been out playing catch and felt like he was good. Unfortunately tomorrow we'll see what we need to do with him. But Frankie (Francisco Rodriguez) will be good. Frankie's good almost every day. So one of them will be good. Maybe both.

Why does it always seem like the Brewers need their closer right away after putting them in a game just to get work?

That's what I told Rick. I told him that yesterday, every time we do that this happens. Although maybe we should do it more often to make sure it happens. But no, Ax, still good stuff and Frankie same thing, good stuff. Manny (Parra) comes in in a tough situation and we don't know much about (Elian) Herrera right-handed and first pitch he does a nice job going the other way. And then Manny threw some really good pitches after that.

On Martin Maldonado's squeeze bunt:

Yeah, really good. I watched him bunt in BP today and before that play I asked him 'What do you think about it?' and he goes "Oh yeah!' So there really wasn't much doubt that he could do it and he acted like it was nothing to do it. That was a really good bunt and it's not that easy, so yeah, he did a great job on that.