Max value in the Pick 6

While looking for something else to do other than trying to crack the nut on Rickie Weeks' terrible year, I wondered if I could determine the "best" objective Pick 6 lineup for any given day. For simplicity sake, I defined "best" as the highest points per game at each position on the season. With an amount of work dispropionate to the value it provides, I put together an Excel workbook and VBA macros that find the highest possible Points per Game combination given a $120 constraint. I combine the point totals from the Pick 6 options and some tables from Fangraphs to get the Games Played stat and cut the field to at least semi-regular starters. Position players are rated in Pick 6 Points per Game with a minimum of 50 PA Starting pitchers are rated as Points per Game Started with a minimum of 20 IP Relief pitchers are rated as Points per Game with a minimum of 10 appearances I just did a little guess and check to rough out the minimum requirements. For the handful of games going on tonight, the top points per game guys may surprise you, if you've been as ignorant as I have:
Player		Pts/G
Zack Greinke	9.47
Carlos Gonzalez	8.70
Ryan Braun	8.07
Bud Norris	8.04
David Ortiz	7.68
Zack Greinke tops the field and justifies his $42.25 price tag since he throws a lot of innings and, most importantly, doesn't give up home runs. Anyway, going into tonight (May 31), the highest points per game (ppg) roster was:
Zack Greinke
A.J. Ellis
David Ortiz
Jose Altuve
Carlos Gonzalez
Kenley Jansen
$93.00 - 43.84 Total ppg
Noting that A.J. Ellis and Zack Greinke are going head-to-head, you can swap in Jarrod Saltalmacchia for A.J. Ellis to have a team at $99.25 with 42.99 ppg The best Pauper Pick 6 team as measured by ppg:
Bud Norris
Kelly Shoppach
Jed Lowrie
Jose Altuve
Andy Dirks
Kenley Jansen
$3 - 36.54 Total ppg
If you're willing to jump up to $3.25, you get A.J. Ellis instead of Kelly Shoppach for 37.73 ppg. Obviously, the results are going to be very random (says the man who took a -20 point pitcher last night), but it was still a fun mental exercise to see if I could do it. Since I'll probably be doing this most days for my own picks, I can post the "Best" lineups in the comments section after the picks have locked if there are any other optimizers in the crowd. If not, I'll just keep quiet.