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Braun, Gonzalez, Greinke, Loe or Marcum: Who Will Be Brewer Of The Week?

This was pretty clearly the worst Brewer week of 2012 to date, but we still have a few bright spots to share among this week's candidates.

Ryan Braun had seven hits this week and four of them came on Monday when he hit three home runs and tripled. He hit .304/.304/.783 this week and was worth +.209 WPA.

Alex Gonzalez had a hit in five of the Brewers' six games this week, including a home run on Saturday. He hit .263/.364/.474 this week and was worth +.299 WPA

Zack Greinke pitched six innings against the Cardinals on Sunday, picking up the win while allowing one run on seven hits over six innings. He walked four and struck out two in the outing, which was worth +.165 WPA.

Kameron Loe made three relief appearances this week and allowed just one hit, didn't walk a batter and struck out four over 3.1 innings. He was worth +.266 WPA this week.

Shaun Marcum pitched seven scoreless innings against the Padres on Tuesday, allowing just three hits and two walks while striking out six. He was worth +.413 WPA in the game.

Last three off the ballot this week: Jonathan Lucroy, Manny Parra, Aramis Ramirez.