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Brewers 3, Giants 4: Turning Points

1) Travis Ishikawa doubles in the ninth inning, scoring Corey Hart and tying the game (.426)

With two outs and a full count, Ishikawa sent a double that just missed being caught. The ball rolled got past Angel Pagan, allowing Corey Hart to score from first and tie the game at three runs apiece.

2) Hector Sanchez hits a walk off single (-.186)

The Brewers brought Ryan Braun in to the infield to cover in case of a groundball. With the bases loaded and one out, a double play was the ideal outcome. Instead, Sanchez sent a ball into left field, where it likely would have scored a run even if Braun had been out there.

3) Conor Gillaspie doubles in Gregor Blanco in the first inning (-.162)

The Giants first run tied the game at 1-1. San Francisco would score another later in the inning to take an early lead.

4) Jonathan Lucroy flies out in the eleventh inning while Corey Hart gets doubled off at first base (-.159)

Rally killer. Corey Hart was already rounding second when the ball was caught in left field. He didn't appear to run especially hard back to first, but probably would have been gunned down regardless.

5) Ryan Theriot walks to load the bases in the eleventh (-.136)

Tim Dillard had no control to speak of, as evidenced by walking Ryan Theriot. This set up a five man outfield and the walkoff single.

The next five, just for kicks and giggles:

6) Aramis Ramirez singles in the first, scoring Nyjer Morgan (.119)

7) Conor Gillaspie's error allows Corey Hart to reach base in the ninth inning (.115)

8) Jonathan Lucroy strikes out in the ninth inning (-.099)

9) Norichiki Aoki grounds out in the ninth to end the inning (-.087)

10) George Kottaras strikes out in the seventh (-.085)