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Reds 6, Brewers 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin.

I didn't hear the first question, but it was about Marco Estrada:
He started missing with location. First pitch hurt him a couple of times in that inning where they're swinging aggressive on the first pitch and they left it up in the zone. Threw a great game except for that inning, and I don't know why we're having those tough innings but he threw the ball really well for the rest of the game. He gave up five or six hits in that one inning and two or three the rest of the game.
More talk about Marco Estrada:
It was the first pitch, the first pitch or two missing spots. I thought he had a good fastball again today, good breaking ball, a lot of good changeups. The rest of the game, really good.
On clutch batting and pitching:
We didn't have many chances today. We certainly had the chance with second and third and no outs. We need to pick up runs there. Like you said, we're not having many chances. When we have them, we need to get them in and pitch well and not have that one blowup inning. We didn't have those blowup innings last year. The same crew, they did not have bad innings. Their bad innings maybe was two runs. We've got to stay away from these big runs.
On Bronson Arroyo and what he did effectively today:
He's got great command with all of his pitches, great command with his offspeed pitches that he can throw 2-0, 2-1. He threw Marco a 2-1 breaking ball for a strike so he's got great command with all of his pitches. He's having a good year, nobody else is hitting him that hard either. He's tough when he's getting all of that offspeed stuff over.
On the top two spots in the batting order:
We need to get some guys on base, so we can get to our 3-4 hitters and have that opportunity to consistently have people on base. I'm looking at just one inning today. We should have more opportunities than one inning to score runs. Those two spots are important. I like the guys, I like the personnel we have there. They will hit. It's just tough when you go this long without them hitting.