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Stat Of The Night: Getting Better With Two Outs


As you've likely heard by now, all eight Brewer runs scored tonight with two outs. Seven of their eleven hits in the game came after two men had been retired, which was a pretty welcome change.

If it feels like the Brewers haven't typically been coming through with two outs this season, it's because they haven't. Take a look at these splits entering the game:

0 out 369 .235 .296 .396 .693
1 out 370 .258 .317 .452 .768
2 out 327 .184 .266 .347 .613

The Brewers hit .249/.328/.406 for a .734 OPS with two outs last season. Their seven hits with two outs give them 61 on the season. Let me put that another way: Tonight's two out hits represented 11.5% of their season total, despite the fact that this was the Brewers' 30th game.

Prior to tonight's game the Brewers only had 41 two-out RBI all season. They picked up eight tonight.