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Brewers 8, Reds 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin.

On two out hits:

It really is. Real nice job offensively. Battled well early in the game, got (Homer) Bailey in pitch count trouble early and I thought the at bats, starting off with Nyjer, what'd he start off with, a nine pitch at-bat? Really good to put pressure on their pitcher.

Did Nyjer Morgan and Travis Ishikawa's big defensive plays add some energy tonight?

That was real nice. Both those plays in the same inning, it picks up everybody. Yo(vani Gallardo) I thought threw a great game. I know he gave up the two runs on the homer. He got behind on Bruce and Bruce isn't missing any mistakes. But I thought his curveball was really good today. His fastball had good life on it and was located better. I really liked the way he threw it.

On Nyjer Morgan getting his attitude back:

Yeah, it definitely works. And we've been missing it. It's hard sometimes when you're not doing well and he's not doing what he wants to do offensively. He had some real good at bats today and he has been lately, so hopefully that attitude picks up.

On Aramis Ramirez:

Another huge hit. Getting smoked in the arm and he comes through with that. It was nice seeing him run to third. He's swinging the bat well.

Did Braun reinjure himself in his last at bat?

More on the play in the outfield when he had to cut the ball off down the line. Same thing, the Achilles again.

Is this something you reevaluate tomorrow?

Yeah, he was feeling pretty good until that play. We'll see how he feels tomorrow.