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Pirates 8, Brewers 2: Tonight's Turning Points

We're only going to do the top five tonight, since the change in the third inning was so dramatic that there wasn't a chance to turn back the other way anytime after it.

1) Jose Tabata's RBI Double in the Third Inning: -.172 WPA

This was the play that essentially put it out of reach for the Brewers. With the bases loaded and two outs, Jose Tabata his a ball to center field that Nyjer Morgan should have caught. Instead, he misplayed the ball and it went over his head, allowing the bases to clear and give the Pirates a 6-1 lead.

2) Rod Barajas's RBI Single in the Third Inning: -.134 WPA

After Neil Walker scored Andrew McCutchen with an RBI single to make it 2-1, Matt Hague hit a single to put runners at first and second base. Rod Barajas followed that with a single to left field, and Ryan Braun made a great throw that almost got Neil Walker at home plate. Instead, Walker scored and runners were at second and third base with one out.

3) Andrew McCutchen's RBI Triple in the Third Inning: -.115 WPA

This gave the Pirates their first run of the game. With Josh Harrison at third base, Andrew McCutchen hit a ball to right field that scored Harrison and allowed McCutchen to reach third base, putting the go-ahead run in scoring position with no outs.

4) Josh Harrison's Leadoff Triple in the Third Inning: -.107 WPA

The big inning in the third started off with a triple from Josh Harrison. This put him in scoring position with no outs and set up the whole big inning that followed.

5) Nyjer Morgan's Solo Home Run in the First Inning: +.105 WPA

This was the one bright moment in the game for the Brewers. In his first at-bat, Nyjer Morgan hit a home run for his first RBI of the season and first home run of the season.

No other play in the game was worth more than +.065 WPA. Corey Hart's home run in the sixth inning was worth +.039 WPA.