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Royals 2, Brewers 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

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As seen on FS Wisconsin:

I think this was about Zack Greinke:

He threw the ball great. He commanded the ball well, had a great fastball. and pitched up and down. So yeah, that was a real good game.

On Alex Gordon's home run:

Yeah, but that's a pretty good job for Gordon hitting that fastball like that. I don't know, I think he was trying to go down and away and missed up.

On Luis Mendoza:

Good fastball, mainly all fastballs, especially early. He's got real good movement on it, good sink on it. We just didn't swing the bat well.

Is this what Mendoza looked like this spring?

Oh no. In spring training it was 95, unbelievable sink at the knees, good breaking ball. We didn't swing the bats.

Where nerves a factor tonight for Greinke?

Yeah, he was pretty calm. He got a pitch up, and not too many guys get on top of a ball that he threw up there.

After two straight series wins, what led to tonight's offensive letdown?

A little tough to see in the beginning. Like I said he (Mendoza) had good movement. He's got a good sinker. And I think the right-handers, when the ball's coming in like that it's tough to square it up.

When Ryan Braun was thrown out at the plate in the seventh, did Ed Sedar send him from third?

I don't really know that. I didn't ask. I thought Eddie sent him but I don't know.

What did Roenicke see on that play?

It looked out to me. I thought if Ryan could somehow dive to the inside he had a chance, but he looked like he was out to me.

Did aggressive play cost the team one of their only chances to score tonight?

Well, that's what makes it tough on the third base coach when you don't score, we're not getting any hits off him and you're trying to force the issue as a coach. And sometimes it's tough, but you have to. You can't just sit back and wait for us to bash the ball when we're not.

Did he feel like things were coming together after Rickie Weeks' bloop RBI single in the seventh?

Yeah, I thought as the game went on we'd start swinging the bats, and we didn't. We had some opportunities, real good opportunities. They had an opportunity and they came through, Butler came though with a base hit. And that's it.

On Francisco Rodriguez:

Yeah, he just needs to get the ball down in the zone more. He'll get it back.

Did Braun take a bad route to the leadoff double in the eighth?

Maybe a little bit. It's so big out there you don't expect the ball to carry that well. I think it probably surprised him that he hit it that hard.

Did he expect it to be an out off the bat?

Yeah, I did. He's got great range in left and I think if he sees the ball well and judges it right and gets that jump I think he's got a chance to catch it.