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Today In Brewer History: A Brief Glimpse Of First Place

On this day in 1957 a long road trip continued for the Milwaukee Braves. 8,778 fans came out to Ebbets Field on a Thursday to watch the Braves play the Brooklyn Dodgers in the tenth game of a journey that saw them play 14 games in four ballparks over a span of 13 days.

The small crowd got to see some early fireworks, though, as Dodgers pitcher Don Drysdale hit Braves shortstop Johnny Logan with a pitch in the second inning and both players were ejected following the ensuing brawl. The Braves later scored four in the eighth (including a three run home run for catcher Carl Sawatski) to take an 8-4 lead and held on to win 8-5.

The victory improved the Braves to 30-21 on the season and moved them back into first place in the National League for the first time in almost a month. They held the lead for about a week this time, and didn't pick it up for good until August 7.

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