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Stat Of The Night: No Homers, No Wins

Lots of things have gone wrong for the Brewers in 2012, but in the end you can sum up their struggles with one sentence: When they don't homer, they don't win. Tonight's game was the Brewers' 62nd of the season and the 21st time they haven't hit a home run. Tonight's loss dropped them to 3-18 in those games.

It's not unusual (and completely expected) for the Brewers to be better when they homer than they are when they don't. It's pretty rare, however, for them to be this terrible in those games. They're on pace to post easily the worst winning percentage in homerless games in franchise history:

Season 0 HR Games Wins Losses Win%
2012 21 3 18 .142
2001 50 12 38 .240
2000 56 14 42 .250
1995 68 18 50 .265
2004 70 19 51 .271

In a weird side note, the 1992 Brewers hold the franchise record with 102 homerless games. They still won 92 games that season.