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Royals 4, Brewers 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

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As seen on FS Wisconsin:

Joined in progress:

We got him a lead. Coming out of the bullpen we need to start throwing strikes. We need to challenge people.

More on the bullpen:

It is. Somebody out there needs to step up and start throwing the ball. Manny did a nice job when he came in. Frankie's fighting a little bit with his command and did a nice job getting through the inning. But nobody down there's throwing the way they should be throwing.

On something different going wrong every day:

I don't know about going our way, but you have to take it to the other team for things to go your way, and what we're doing now, nothing's going to go our way the way we're playing. That's a bad ballgame to lose right there. That's just guys...I don't know. I have confidence in these guys but they've got to start doing it.

Did he decide to take Manny Parra out before the eleventh because the Royals had two righties due up?

Yes. We've got Kameron Loe and you've got Veras down there, we shouldn't have to put Manny back in there. He did his job.

On getting 13 hits but only three runs:

We had some chances to get more runs, we did. But I don't know. It's just the same thing. We could bust open some games, we have chances to do that. Someone needs to come through with some big hits more often, we do it once in a while. But there's games where we play good games but we're not finishing people like we should finish.

On the defense tonight:

Our defense did a nice job. Randy threw a good game and we made some really nice defensive plays behind him. It's a shame the last two games that he's pitched he's thrown the ball really well and come away with no wins. So that's too bad, because he's doing what he needs to be doing.