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Brewers blow another one, lose 4-3

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W: Tim Collins (4-0)
L: John Axford (1-3)

HR: Ryan Braun (16); Aramis Ramirez (6); Eric Hosmer (8)

MVP: Cody Ransom (.248)
LVP: John Axford (-.797)

Win Expectancy Graph and Star of the Game voting

Welp, Axford strikes again. So did bad defense. I was listening to the radio and I see Bob Uecker is having about as much trouble as I am comprehending that 9th inning. There was a strikeout and a wild pitch and some bad infield throws and a complete inability to contain Jarrod Dyson.

Anyway, I'll be at Target Field for the next two days wishing I was home putting together flatpack furniture instead. It's been that sort of week, thanks to these games.