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Stat of the Night: Martin Maldonado's Big Home Runs

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A few weeks ago, I made a post about how Ryan Braun has had some big home runs. However, he may have some competition now. Over the last week, Martin Maldonado has hit three home runs that have given the Brewers a lead. He has been a major part of the Brewers last three wins. All four of his home runs this season have been turning points for the team, each with a WPA over .100. Here are his four home runs this year:

Career HR # Date Opponent Opp. Pitcher Runners on Base Score Before WPA Added Score After
1 6/3/2012 Pittsburgh Juan Cruz Bases Empty Behind 3-5 +.135 Behind 4-5
2 6/8/2012 San Diego Edinson Volquez First & Second Behind 1-2 +.350 Ahead 4-2
3 6/10/2012 San Diego Anthony Bass First & Second Behind 1-2 +.449 Ahead 4-2
4 6/15/2012 Minnesota Matt Capps Second Tied 3-3 +.448 Ahead 5-3

It makes you wonder what he has in store for us next.