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Brewers 6, Twins 2: Today's Turning Points

Positive Brewers plays dominate the turning points today.

1) Norichika Aoki's 2-RBI Single in the Second Inning: +.175 WPA (Video)

The Brewers got on the board first today thanks to this single from Aoki. With Rickie Weeks and Taylor Green both in scoring position with two outs, Aoki sent a hit to right field to score both of them and give the Brewers a 2-0 lead.

2) Taylor Green Reaches Base on an Error by Jamey Carroll in the Second Inning: +.096 WPA

This play set up Aoki's single. Taylor Green hit a ball that Jamey Carroll misplayed, hitting off of his glove and going to right field. This put Rickie Weeks at third base and Taylor Green at first.

3) Justin Morneau Grounds into a Double Play in the Eighth Inning: +.093 WPA (Video)

Manny Parra allowed three baserunners to start the eighth inning, putting the game in a very tense situation. However, Justin Morneau grounded into a double play that got the first two outs of the inning and helped relieve some of that tension.

4) Ryan Braun's First Solo Home Run: +.084 WPA (Video)

Ryan Braun led off the third inning, and sent a solo home run to right center field to make it a 3-0 lead.

5) Aramis Ramirez's Solo Home Run in the Third Inning: +.064 WPA (Video)

Right after Ryan Braun hit his first home run, Aramis Ramirez came up and hit the first pitch he saw to left center field, extending the lead to 4-0.

Here's the next five:

6) Ryan Braun's Second Solo Home Run: +.063 WPA (Video)
7) Cody Ransom's Second Inning Strikeout: -.063 WPA
8) Martin Maldonado's Sacrifice Bunt in the Second Inning: -.060 WPA
9) Ben Revere's RBI Single in the Third Inning: -.058 WPA (Video)
10) Josh Willingham's RBI Single in the Eighth Inning: +.057 WPA (Video)