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Brewers 6, Twins 2: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

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As seen on FS Wisconsin

Joined in progress, talking about Michael Fiers:

...changed speeds really well today. Threw some great curveballs, had a nice changeup working, but I thought he really kept the guys off balance.

On the adjustments Fiers has made:

Well, I think so. I think the command is always the biggest thing. That's the number one thing. When you have the command, then you're able to mix in the offspeed pitches. When you don't have the command you get behind in counts and there's not too many pitches you can throw but a fastball. He got himself where he could throw a lot of different pitches and make sure that no one is really just sitting on a fastball.

On Ryan Braun's day:

It's nice when he can square up balls like that. That's big. Rickie swung the bat good today, Rami hits that first pitch slider so there was some good things.

On Norichika Aoki's hit in the second inning:

Yeah. The little sac bunt or whatever you want to call that, that was just kind of a miscommunication there, but anyway, Nori coming through with that base hit there, driving in two runs was huge.

Was it a missed suicide squeeze:

It was just a mixup with everybody in concern.

Is he surprised with Braun's performance since the protection behind him hasn't been there:


Is he surprised that teams are challenging Braun.

No. Not at all. I think the guys that have been behind him are good. There's no way I'm going to pitch around Ryan all the time to get to Ramirez. No way. You could use that argument last year with Prince. Really, Casey had an off year last year and they still pitched to Prince. I know that everybody thinks it's easy to pitch around people; it is not easy to pitch around people. Every time you do it, you worry about that next guy coming up there, and everytime you put people on base they've got a chance to score, and you turn the lineup over faster. It's not an automatic. If Barry Bonds is up there, ok. There's definitely a guy you pitch around, but you don't pitch around him, you just walk him.

Has Ryan expanded his zone a little this year since his walks are down:

Well, I think his walks are down just recently. For a while there, I would say in a period of 20 games maybe, he had a ton of walks. It seems to be that he wasn't walking at the very beginning, then he walked a lot, and now he's not walking that much anymore.