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Brewers 7, Blue Jays 6: Ron Roenicke's Post-Game Comments

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Didn't hear question

Well I couldn't really see exactly where it hit, but it looked like it hit the yellow pad. I'm a long ways away, I'm not sure of it. I heard pad. I knew it hit a pad. When I went to Doug, Doug said I have to go out there. So when I went out, he said he thought it hit left of the pole, but he thought it hit above the pad and I said "Well, there's not pad there, it's concrete." I heard, that's all I know. I don't know where the ball hit, but I heard pad.

So you do like Instant Replay on border calls

That's really nice, isn't it? Yeah, it worked well. What would have been a shame if you don't go out there and you don't have the replay and they say a different way. It's hard, it's hard when you're out there to try to figure out. I asked Eddie (Sedar) at third base, I said, "what did you see?" He says, "I don't know. I couldn't see where it hit."

In general, you're not a huge fan of Instant Replay, are you?

Well I like it for the home runs, I do. I would have hated to not have it there and they get that call wrong. I would have hated that. I mean, obviously because we won the game, but I'm just saying, if it's a home run, let's get it right.

How big a swing did you feel mentally there after Bautista hits that home run? It's kind of, everything's deflated and then you turn right around and you're able to get back in your favor.

Well, it's certainly a big swing and that's what we need to do. They come back and then all of the sudden - first guy, boom, we hit a homer. So I think that was huge. I feel bad for Wolfy, trying to get him a win (laughing). Pitched a nice ballgame and you know, things for some reason do not work out for him.

That's what Bautista does, he hits home runs, but were you more disappointed that Kam (Loe) couldn't get (Colby) Rasmus out before that - he set that up?

You don't want to see Bautista come up there with two guys on base - not when you're three runs ahead. We cannot walk him. And I'm not saying he's an easy out, but we can't walk him. We need to make him get a hit to get on base.

Was that a mistake that he threw up there?

On Kam? Yes. He threw a sinker ball that was elevated and didn't sink at all

What happens when a sinker baller throws a ball and it's letter-high? Does it slip out of his hand? Is it early release?

Early release. You know he threw two innings yesterday.You put him back out there. Veras was down today. So, I don't know if that makes a difference. Kam's always been a guy that can throw a lot. I don't know if that makes a difference or not. But his sinker wasn't that good today. Yesterday? Outstanding.

Talk a little bit about Corey (Hart) at first base in the eighth inning where he makes that play on Rickie's (Weeks) throw. The ball was foul and he takes you out of the inning

Pretty nice over there. You know, the height is a huge advantage. I've never seen Corey get down on the ground so much. He loves diving around and it's been huge for us so far. He doesn't mind getting down on his knees and blocking the ball when he thinks it has a chance to get by him. He has played an outstanding first base so far. If this is him starting out and he gets better from here, he's going to be a Gold Glove first baseman.

Does it make you think about keeping him there permanently? At least for the rest of the season?

When I see plays like that today, yeah it does.

Plans for tomorrow?

Plans for tomorrow - We are going to make a move tomorrow. Obviously I told you guys that Shaun (Marcum) was not going to pitch tomorrow. So we're going to bring...uh... We'll have somebody here. We'll make a move tomorrow to be able to do that. I'll announce it when you guys, when we meet there in the dugout before BP.

What's the protocol for telling the other team? Have you told them tentative plans?

Yes, I told them. I told John Farrell, I told him today that Marcum was not going to start.

Have you told him who is going to start?

No, but I told him basically about him. Whether he's right-handed or left-handed. Just to give him a heads-up.

If you know who you're calling up, why can't you say tonight? Is it because of a corresponding move?


But is the coming up from the minors?


Is that guy here? Is he in town?

You want me to spell his name for you?

Too dicey to use a pen game tomorrow with as much work as they've had?

I think so. I think coming off the 15 innings yesterday - and I'm not saying that's why Kam didn't have his sinker today. But those things do come into play and I think doing that - and if we do it the next day, we're going to be short Wedneday