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Brewers 8, Blue Jays 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

Question was cut off:

He (presumably Michael Fiers) did a nice job closing out the game. Yovani, huge game for us. We were really thin in the bullpen today and we really needed length from him. And he also threw a great ball game. Commanded the ball, especially his fastball, outstanding with good life on it. Great job from him.

On Edwin Encarnacion's home run:

Yeah, these guys don't get cheated. You get behind and you have to throw a fastball and you don't spot it perfect. They really swing it.

Has he ever seen a power display like this in a series?

No. That was pretty impressive. On both sides. We did a pretty nice job also.

Why were there so many homers this week?

I'm sure it's the pitching. If you go back and look at all the pitches that were hit out of the ballpark there's probably not many you'd say, 'hey, that's a good pitch.'

Were Tim Dillard and Michael Fiers the only guys available out of the bullpen today?

(Juan) Perez was available and that was it.

That was dicey, wasn't it?

It sure was.

Is Ryan Braun seeing better pitches to hit now that Aramis Ramirez is hitting better?

No, I think he saw pitches early also. I think even though, if you have your choice and you have an open base you may want to pitch around Ryan but there's too many times where the situations aren't there to really pitch around people. I know we always talk about lineups, if there's somebody there we don't want to beat us, but it seems like every time that person comes up it's not an opportunity to be able to pitch around him or just flat walk him. And I think Aramis is always...people know he can hit. So I don't think there's ever a time where you say 'hey, let's just not give him anything to hit, and then we'll take care of Aramis.'

Is this how he pictured Braun and Ramirez hitting this season?

It is. I think the combination of those two, the way they're hitting right now is a pretty scary lineup.