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Stat Of The Night: Greinke Avoids "No Runs, No Decisions" Club

The Brewers waited until the last minute to prevent Zack Greinke from joining a pretty exclusive club tonight. Greinke pitched nine innings for the first time as a Brewer and didn't allow a run, but until Rickie Weeks' tenth inning RBI single it looked like he was in line for a no-decision.

If Greinke hadn't gotten the win tonight, he would've been just the seventh pitcher in franchise history to pitch a scoreless outing of nine innings or more and get a no-decision:

Pitcher Date Opponent IP Final score
Jim Colborn September 27, 1974 Orioles 13 Orioles win, 1-0
Bill Wegman July 7, 1986 Angels 11 Angels win, 3-1
Jim Slaton August 23, 1974 (second game) Royals 10.2 Brewers win, 1-0
Ben Sheets June 8, 2004 Angels 9 Brewers win, 1-0
Teddy Higuera July 20, 1988 Royals 9 Royals win, 4-0
Don Sutton August 24, 1983 Angels 9 Brewers win, 1-0