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Brewers 1, White Sox 0: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

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As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On going to John Axford in the tenth:

I'm not going to put Zack out there ten innings. It's as simple as that. If he had 90 pitches I wouldn't have send him out there for the tenth. It's my feeling, after talking to physical therapists that I trust, it's the up and downs that are tough. I wouldn't want to do that to Zack.

Was this as good as he's seen Greinke?

That's really good. I think there were two balls that were squared up against him: the base hit for Rios and the line drive to Corey at first base. The other two base hits, you know, went in. But that was really good. Great curveball today, which...he usually throws a curveball but not as much but not as good of a bite and down in the zone like that. Fastball is always good, command was great with that. Threw some nice sliders. But really, fastball-curveball.

Did the White Sox allow Greinke to pitch to contact?

Yeah they were aggressive, they put some first pitch pitches into play which Zack usually doesn't have, both he and Yo (Yovani Gallardo) usually never get first pitches in play, and that allowed him to go with the pitch count to where he went, and that's also unusual. I thought his location was outstanding, though.

On the defense:

I think the defense was real good. Zack certainly helped himself out with a nice play on a ball hit back to him, helped himself again with a nice double play. We turned a couple of nice double plays. So the defense was big, you know they grow the grass long here, it's kind of a slow field. But real nice game for us. We didn't square up any balls either, (Chris) Sale is really good, I see why his record and his ERA are where they are. He's really funky, along with great stuff.