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ARCHIVED AUDIO: Kyle's Friday Appearance On The Home Stretch

My weekly appearance on The Home Stretch with Justin Hull on AM 1570/95.3 FM The Score in Appleton was a SuperShow this week, as we were joined by J.P. Cadorin of Time Warner Cable Sports 32 for a three man booth. We talked Brewers for a full hour this week, covering these topics:

  • ESPN's Battle of the Ballparks, the failures involved in the concept and the way Jim Caple handled it when he didn't get the result he wanted.
  • Where Miller Park actually ranks among ballparks we've seen, and why so many fans took it personally when it was seeded 24th.
  • John Axford and the challenges of being expected to pitch a scoreless inning every time out.
  • Kameron Loe and Justin's assertion that he's the single most reliable reliever in the bullpen.
  • Tim Dillard, Manny Parra, Mike McClendon and whether or not the back end of the Brewer bullpen is better or worse than other teams'.
  • The possibility of a Zack Greinke trade, when it's appropriate to decide and whether the Brewers should look to improve a certain area of the team if making a deal.
  • Mark Attanasio as "the final say," and whether or not it's appropriate for him to be making final decisions instead of simply trusting his baseball people to figure it out.
  • The Timber Rattlers and their second half prognosis.

For all that and to see how I managed to work an episode of Frasier into the broadcast, check out part 1, part 2 and part 3 of this week's archive.