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Stat of the Night: 100 Plunkings

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Good thing he has the bulky elbow brace.
Good thing he has the bulky elbow brace.

In the sixth inning of tonight's game, White Sox starting pitcher Dylan Axelrod hit Rickie Weeks with an 89 MPH fastball. Not altogether an unusual event, but made even less unusual by the fact that Rickie Weeks has been hit by a lot of pitchers in his career.

Weeks has now been hit by one-hundred pitches, to be exact. Of active players, Rickie Weeks has been hit by the eleventh most pitches. Here are the current ten active players with more plunkings:

Player HBP
Jason Giambi 175
Alex Rodriguez 163
Derek Jeter 159
Chase Utley 139
Scott Rolen 125
Miguel Tejada 121
Reed Johnson 117
Manny Ramirez 109
Vlad Guerrero 103
Carlos Quentin 102

The career record for being hit by pitches belongs to Hughie Jennings, who was hit by 287 pitches over an 18 year career from 1891-1918. His record includes one year where he was hit by 51 pitches and two where he was hit 46 times apiece. Here is the top ten for career hit-by-pitches:

Player HBP
Hughie Jennings 287
Craig Biggio 285
Tommy Tucker 272
Don Baylor 267
Jason Kendall 254
Ron Hunt 243
Dan McGann 230
Frank Robinson 198
Minnie Minoso 192
Jake Beckley 183

Rickie Weeks has moved ahead of Elmer Flick, Bucky Harris, and Eddie Yost to claim the 72nd most hit-by-pitches of all time. For a complete list, see here.

Here's to many more (unharmful) plunkings for Rickie Weeks!