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Series Preview #25: Reviewing The Brewers' Best Wins Against The Reds In 2011

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The Brewers have played 71 games this season, but just three against the NL Central-leading Reds. They have one series against Cincinnati in each of the season's last four months.

As they get ready to open the first of those four series tonight, it's time to take a look back at my favorite Brewers/Reds moments from last season. The Brewers split 16 games with the Reds in 2011.

1) Brewers score 3 in ninth to walk off with 8-7 win on July 8

The Brewers trailed 4-1 early in this game and 7-5 heading to the bottom of the ninth but got to Francisco Corder for three runs on three hits (including a Nyjer Morgan triple) and two walks. The final blow was this two run single for Mark Kotsay:

2) Rickie Weeks' eighth inning homer gives Brewers a 3-2 win on April 26

Marco Estrada and Mike Leake had battled to a 2-2 stalemate through seven innings on this day, with both pitchers leaving the game before the eighth and turning it over to the bullpens. Kameron Loe pitched a scoreless eighth before this Rickie Weeks homer gave the Crew their first lead of the game:

3) Brewers come from behind, win 4-3 on a walkoff sac fly on July 10

The Brewers snatched a win away from Francisco Cordero and the Reds on July 8, and did it again with late magic two days later. On this day the Brewers went to the ninth trailing 3-2 but got a Nyjer Morgan single, George Kottaras walk, Mark Kotsay RBI infield single, Rickie Weeks HBP and walked off with a win on this Craig Counsell sac fly:

4) Rickie Weeks' three run homer gives Brewers the lead in a 5-4 win

The Brewers trailed 2-1 early in this game, but Rickie Weeks hit a line drive rocket to left center to give the Crew the lead. They eventually held on to win 5-4.

5) Ryan Braun hits two of the Brewers' five homers in a 6-3 win on September 16

Bronson Arroyo gives up lots of home runs, and on this night he gave up four to a power-happy Brewer lineup. Mark Kotsay, George Kottaras, Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun (twice) all homered in the game. Braun's second homer was his 30th of the season.