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Reds 3, Brewers 1: Ron Roenicke's Post-Game Comments

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Didn't hear question, but was about Latos

I know he's been struggling a bit recently, but he threw a great game. Ball/strike ratio was outstanding. I may be wrong - I don't know if you guy's counted - did he throw 24 strikes in a row?
(Weirdly, none of the press seem to know the answer to this question}
That's incredible. Down in the zone. His slider was outstanding. He threw strikes. He came at us and threw strikes with every pitch. A lot of first pitch curveballs. His fastball was located and his slider was down. That was a great ballgame.

Yo - a little off today, but really battled well. He kept us in the ballgame. He was not himself. His command was off - just the opposite, his ball/strike ratio was off. But I thought he did a great job of battling to make sure he kept us in it. He gave us a great chance to win the ballgame.

You sorta got a complete game from Greinke the other night, or you would've, but do you feel like you're team is due a couple of games like this. A guy, even though he's struggling, he comes out - it hasn't happened for your guys.

No it hasn't. You know, I keep expecting it to happen, but it hasn't. So you know, we've got Estrada in there tomorrow and the move with that is McClendon, so we optioned him back down. And hopefully get a good start from Marco - but we've got to swing the bats. We're not giving ourselves many opportunities to score runs. You know, we only get two or three a night - you'd better really be good with runners in scoring position and we really haven't been.

The way the first inning went, things really looked good...

It did look good. I think after the walk and a great bunt by Nyjer -0 but it came a little though to see in those first innings and he (Latos) threw good pitches. He threw balls down in the zone. I was impressed. I was impressed by how he threw.

It's not exactly an easing-in situation for Livan Hernandez

No it wasn't, but we thought that was at least - he had a little bit of leeway as far as he had a couple bases there, where he could, if he wanted to, he could get behind and still not have to come at him. That was good. He threw a couple of nice sliders there.

How tough are these close game losses to absorb, Ron? I mean, you haven't had a game where you've had a beat down loss - you guys have been in it.

We've been in every game for, I don't know, the last two weeks. 1-1 games it seems like, every night. I think today, I don't think we really had a lot of opportunities. I think Latos just, he threw the ball great. Yesterday's game, a little different. Yesterday's game, really disappointed in what we did when we had chances and opportunities to do some things. So those games are a little different. I feel ok today because I thought the guy threw a great game. Yesterday I didn't feel good about it.