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Brewers 8, Reds 4

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W: Zack Greinke (9-2)
L: Homer Bailey (5-6)

HR: Rickie Weeks (6) , Cody Ransom (6), Ryan Ludwick (10, 11)

MVP: Greinke(+.161 pitching, +.016 hitting)
LVP: Morgan (-.088)

Win Expectancy Graph and Star of the Game Voting

It's pretty spectacular that the Brewers managed to pull this out without Braun in the lineup, but the fact that Braun told reporters that he can't bend his elbow after getting hit by a pitch last night certainly doesn't bode well. The team has an off day tomorrow and Braun says he hopes to play Friday.

Besides that, today's game was a series of what we like to call TOOTBLANs (Thrown Out On The Basepaths Like a Nincompoop).

Bases loaded, one out in the seventh and Nyjer Morgan pulls back the bat instead of bunting, but Cody Ransom breaks for home on the squeeze. Easy out.

In the fifth, with Greinke on second and Aoki on first and no outs, Morgan squeeze bunts and Greinke gets an awful jump from second, so he's out at third. Aoki ends up at second and the next batter, is caught stealing at third.

In the third inning, inexplicably, Aramis Ramirez attempted to steal second. He was unsuccessful.

You'll realize, from those stories, that the Brewers had runners on first and second with no one out in the fifth and scored no runs. They had the bases loaded with no outs in the seventh and scored no runs.

I guess we should all be happy with the win, but this game was So Brewers and SO Roenicke that it's hard to hold back the frustration, despite the win.

Whether or not the bunt miscues were his fault are up for argument, but Morgan did not have a good day. In addition, he misplayed a routine fly ball in the third inning that led to a Reds run as well as an extra fourteen pitches by Greinke. He also went for a ball at the railing in the ninth that a fan ended up interfering with and appeared to push the fan when he was upset about not catching the ball.

Sure, there were some highlights: Rickie Weeks and Cody Ransom each had two-run home runs, and Weeks made an amazing grab in the eighth to end the threat. Zack Greinke showed some pop at the plate and Kam Loe got through the seventh in just nine pitches.

In the ninth, Travis Ishikawa delivered a BMIR, scoring Martin Maldonado. Morgan, Ramirez and Hart each took two-out walks, leading to two walked-in runs

But there was also the K-Rod "30 pitches of terror" in which FSWisconsin's camera guy made us all think Votto tied it, when he actually just hit it to the warning track.

And Livan Hernandez giving up a lead-off home run in the ninth to cut the lead to 8-4.

So we won! Yay!

But pardon me while I sit over here shaking my head in disbelief.