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Brewers 8, Reds 4: Ron Roenicke's Post Game Comments

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Didn't hear the question

We needed it. Zack - another great game. But we needed to win this game. We're getting too far behind. We're not playing the way that we want to play. So I think the offense was good today. Certainly could have piled on more runs than we did today. We had tons of opportunities - lots of base runners. And with Zack pitching well, that was big for us.

Is that a tough call at 98 pitches there, going offense? {note: pretty sure it was 96}

The only way we were going to do it was second and third, no outs. Everything else, Zack as going to stay in the game. First and third, he was going to stay in the game. Anything else. So yes, it was a tough call.

Save for the jam with K-Rod, you have to be happy with the performance of the bullpen today.

Yeah, they threw the ball well. Frankie had some issues with cramping out and stayed out there and made some nice pitches and then Livan comes in and he didn't walk anybody, which is the right thought. And then he gives up one, but makes some nice pitches.

His (K-Rod) arm was cramping up?

No, his legs. Heat or - I don't know.

Weeks home run. He's been hitting the ball real hard for you Ron for a long time, but that was overdue, wasn't it, for him?

I think big for him, big for us. He did a nice job today. He made a great play in a big spot. He doesn't come up with that play on Bruce, it could be a different ballgame.

You talked about some of those missed opportunities - what about that squeeze play? What should have gone on there?

Should have tried to bunt it! Yeah, we did some interesting things today. (Smiles ruefully)

Did you have to have a conversation with Nyjer at one point?

I had one, but it was concerning I guess a lot of things, so...

Has it become focus with him?

It's hard to know. He's trying to do everything he can to help us win and he's trying to create some things and sometimes you just have to let them happen. But his effort and his mindset is in the right place.

Do you view what happened in the ninth inning (with Morgan) as a big deal?

Well I thought the umpire did a good job in getting him away from him and just trying to calm down that. I didn't see exactly what happened. When you're that far away you don't - you just kind of see the reaction of him and the fans.

Looked like he had a chance to catch the ball, but kind of got irritated that the fans arms were there...

That's what the fans are supposed to do for the home team. Huh? I mean, really, it is. What they would be upset is if we hit one of those balls and they could have caught it. They probably would have done the same thing, but - but no, that's just part of the game.

(paraphrasing a longer question) Is that play in the ninth inning something you're going to talk to Nyjer about after you've seen the video?

If I feel like there's something there. My PR director can fill me in on exactly what he saw on the replay (smiling). If it's an issue, but I don't think it is