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MLB Rule 4 Draft: Day Two Open Thread

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The Brewers already have three new possible players! Now, they have the opportunity to draft even more! The team has the 32nd pick in the second round, then the 27th pick in every round after that. Today, teams will draft through the fifteenth round.

Brewers picks after the jump

1.27 - Clint Coulter, C, Union HS, Washington
1.28 - Victor Roache, OF, Georgia Southern, Georgia
1s.38 - Mitch Haniger, OF, Cal Poly, California
2.92 - Tyrone Taylor, CF, Torrance HS, California
3.122 - Zachary Quintana, RHP, Arbor View HS, Nevada
4.155 - Tyler Wagner, RHP, Utah, Utah
5.185 - Damien Magnifico, RHP, Oklahoma, Oklahoma
6.215 - Angel Ortega, SS, Colegio Hector Urdaneta, Puerto Rico
7.245 - David Otterman, LHP, University of British Columbia, Canada
8.275 - Edgardo Rivera, CF, Adolfina Irizarry De Puig HS, Puerto Rico
9.305 - Alejandro Lavandero, RHP, Belen Jesuit Prep School, Florida
10.335 Anthony Banda, LHP, San Jacinto College North, Texas
11.365 James Gainey, RHP, United States Naval Academy, Maryland
12.395 Eric Semmelhack, RHP, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Wisconsin
13.425 Alan Sharkey, 1B, Coral Springs HS, Florida
14.455 Ryan Gibbard, RHP, Lynn U, Florida
15.485 Buck Farmer, RHP, Georgia Tech, Georgia

C: 1
1B: 1
SS: 1
OF: 4
RHP: 8
LHP: 2