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Cubs 10, Brewers 0 - Ron Roenicke's Post-game comments

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Didn't hear the question

Real unusual. You look at the numbers, they don't really match up. Even Yovani, I thought You really threw the ball well. Great stuff. 10 SO, 5 runs. Doesn't make sense. But they did a nice job hitting. He made some mistakes, they did a nice job of hitting. But his stuff was really good. Dempster was good and we didn't do anything. We squared up 3 balls and got 3 hits.

Couple of games recently that were a little better , but overall (Dempster) has dominated this team. Is it just something that your hitters can't get over, something that gets in their heads or is he just that good?

He's got a 2 ERA this year - 2 whatever. Any time you're in the twos with an ERA, you're pretty good - you're not getting hit by too many people. I know his last outing wasn't that good, but beside that that's probably the only outing he had that was off this year. So he's good. And he threw the ball really well today.

I know you're not big on meetings, but after these last four games, coming off the four in LA, did you say anything tonight or is there a point where you want to say something to the guys?

No, not really. Meetings are - they're necessary sometimes. I don't think they're necessary right now. We talked on the last road trip and we meet enough where I say what I think I need to say. Even though I don't think today's game, obviously we didn't do much. The last game I thought we played against Pittsburgh, I thought we played a good game. I thought we played two out of three good games against them. So, I don't think we're playing that bad. Today - we didn't play well today.

Early deficit difficult to overcome?

It's hard, facing Dempster, it's hard. We know, we get down three runs right away, we know we're going to have a tough time coming back and scoring a lot of runs off of him. Not that we quit. I still think we went up there with good thoughts and went up with the idea that we're going to battle them. And he made good pitches.