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Brewers 8, Cubs 0: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

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As seen on FS Wisconsin.

Joined in progress, most likely talking about Greinke:

He got a little off that one inning, but great command on the fastball, great command on the cutter. Threw a lot of good changeups, a lot of good curveballs. He had it all working today. That's a great outing.

If that is the best Greinke has been this year:

That's close. I think in the first game of the year I felt that way, but that was really good stuff. He had really good command, he threw some backdoor cutters that are almost impossible to hit.

On Greinke pitching at home, if it's a sure thing, and why he does so well:

Well, we always talk about the confidence and when you're home and when you're on the road, and he has great confidence here. He knows he's going to throw the ball well. When he feels that way, because his stuff is so good, it definitely helps him locate pitches, especially when he wants to throw all of the different pitches that he throws. We swing the batter better for him here for some reason, but he always throws well.

If he was pitching around in the second inning to get to the pitcher:

No, he wasn't trying to. He pitched Barney carefully, he told me. He said he didn't like that inning. Pitched to Barney too carefully, it got to Stewart, felt like he could make some pitches and get him out and he fell behind him right away. But it wasn't on purpose, trying to get all the way through to get to the pitcher. It cost him, whatever, 15-16 pitches there. He wasn't happy with that inning.

On the stretch of hitters he faced after Maholm (striking out 9 of 11) and if it's as dominant as he's seen him play:

Yeah, it was really good. Even from the side, we don't get to see location of pitches that well, but even from the side you could tell how he was hitting corners and also he wasn't getting a lot of pitches. Some pitches it looked like he was sticking, you go back and look and they're just off the plate, they're balls. He wasn't getting a lot of pitches so to be able to put the ball on the plate like he was, even more impressive.